miercuri, 10 februarie 2010

help me make it [out alive]

I stare into my own eyes
Into my reflection in the mirror
For once I met my eyes
Steadily without regret or fear
Blood dripped down my wrist
To slip through my fingers
I felt cold
And the numbness lingered
I watched the blood
Dripping on the floor
I felt my head spinning
Just like before
I look again in my eyes
To see a pleading stare
Light brown
That begged somone to care
I whispered to myself that night
I'll be ok
Won't i be alright?
Tell me I will
Tell me it will be ok
My reflection never answered
My reflection didn't say
So I just stood there wating
But that look in my eyes
Didn't go away
Please help me
I whispered tearfully, one last time
Help me make it to someday
Help me make it out alive

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