sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2010

I Used To Be (Beautiful)

I used to be beautiful
And back then I didn't have to try.
Because everything in life was beautiful,
Even the harshness of your lies.
I used to be special
but that was so long ago.
I'm afraid everything has changed now,
I just though I'd let you know.
I used to be important
to more than just myself.
But even if I don't love me,
How can anyone else?
Iused to be imaginary
and I'd simply fade away from your eyes.
With a flick of fairy dust,
I could silence their every cry.
I used to be a dreamer
but I can no longer sleep alone.
In the midst of demons and monsters
Taunting me from my very home.
I used to be in love
And unfortunately I still am.
You cannot just erase a memory
As soap washes a mistake from your hand.
I used to see clearly
And nothing had to hide away
I used to be in love
But that was before I met you
Turning and twisting me into a monster
I used to be like you
I used to be like them
Life is really beautiful
When pain isn't killing you within

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